Free Hemo Dialysis

Our hemodialysis process is planned out to provide the best service to the patients. We follow the WHO standards of providing 4 hours of dialysis, and our equipment is high quality and up to date with the latest technology.

Free Nephrologist Consultancy

We provide free nephrologist consultancy within our center in order to encourage the patients to have a full understanding of their condition and our services for them.

Free Nutrition /Refreshment

A full nutrition plan is provided and refreshments are available for the patients and their families in order to provide a holistic service to them and increase their physical health.

Free Erythropoietin

Erythropoietin is a hormone produced by the kidneys to increase the rate of production of red blood cells to counter the falling levels of oxygen in the tissues. For patients who require Erythropoietin, we provide it free of cost to support their treatment fully.

Free Psychological Health Session and family social counseling

To help the patients recuperate with their changing lifestyles, and their families to cope with the hard time, we provide counseling to the patients, as well as their families, to morally support them.

Free Lab Investigation

From lab tests to in depth investigations, we provide it free of cost to help the patients and properly diagnose their disease and condition.


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