Diagnosis at Agha Dialysis center is a process where we determine and test all the aspects of the patient’s health, starting from preliminary checkups to planning out their whole treatment plan. We follow WHO’s standards of providing 4 hours of dialysis to the patients thrice a week, and with the latest, highest quality equipment.



Hemodialysis is the most common method used to treat advanced and permanent kidney failure. Over time, the procedure of conducting this treatment has evolved and improved but it still is a complicated procedure and inconvenient therapy that requires a coordinated effort from your whole health care team, including your nephrologists, dialysis nurse, dialysis technician, dietitian, Clinical psychologist, social worker. At Agha Dialysis we recognize this need and have measures to provide for every physical or psychological need of the patient.

Psychological Session

At ADC, we plan to fully rehabilitate our patients. We initially observed that most of these patients are depressed, and have lost the will to continue their lives as they planned to due to losing their jobs, and their routine lifestyles. But just because they have lost initial parts of their lifesstyl, we refuse to let them throw their lives away. We are the first dialysis center to provide holistic psychological service to our patients to help them revitalize their lives from a new beginning.

Nutrition Emphasis

Adequate nutrition is very important for dialysis patients for a better overall outcome. At Agha Dialysis Center, we provide a proper dialysis nutritional plan, so your dialysis treatments will be effective, you can feel your best, and help reduce the risk of health complications associated with kidney disease and dialysis.

Patient Social Counseling

Starting dialysis is a major life change for people, and patients may experience emotional repercussions due to treatment-related fatigue, the need to rearrange their lives to accommodate treatment, and potential concerns about body image. Social counseling aims to assist patients and their families in dealing with presenting concerns and problem-solving due to dialysis.



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